Women and Children who have Experienced Abuse and ViolenceAdvisors and Researchers


What’s this about?

The WEAVERs group was established to ensure that the voices of women and children are central to the work of MAEVe (Melbourne Alliance to End Violence Against Women and their Children). The WEAVERs (Women and Children who have Experienced Abuse and ViolenceAdvisors and Researchers) are women who have survived family violence in its many forms.

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What do they do?

Advise MAEVe on areas of research and research design, which may include co-design and input into methodologies;

  1. Assist with communicating MAEVe research findings, e.g. as ‘translators’ of academic knowledge to community and public and/or as survivor advocates (in the media, or within the community)

  2. Further advocate for women and their children’s safety and wellbeing through MAEVe to empower those who are experiencing, or have experienced violence

  3. Speak out to assist in making a difference in community attitudes to violence against women and children (such as through education).

Fundamental to the work shared by the University of Melbourne staff and the WEAVERs is mutual respect, trust, fairness, equality, transparency and the co-production of knowledge. The aim of the relationship is for research to be informed by the experiences and priorities of survivors of domestic violence and abuse, for survivors to have their voice heard and for them to be partners in the production and dissemination of knowledge.