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Key Recent Publications

Reproductive Coercion

Tarzia, L., Wellington, M., Marino, J., Hegarty, K. (2018) “A Huge, Hidden Problem”: Australian Health Practitioners’ Views and Understandings of Reproductive Coercion. Qual Health Res.


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Fiolet, R., Tarzia, T., Hameed, M., Hegarty, K. (2019) Indigenous Peoples’ Help-Seeking Behaviors for Family Violence: A Scoping Review. Trauma, Violence and Abuse.

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Intimate Partner Violence

Gartland, D., Woolhouse, H., Giallo, R., McDonald, E., Hegarty, K., Mensah, F., Herrman, H., Brown, S.J. Vulnerability to intimate partner violence and poor mental health in the first 4-year postpartum among mothers reporting childhood abuse: an Australian pregnancy cohort study. Arch Womens Ment Health.

Men Who Use Violence

Humphreys, C., Diemer, K., Bornemisza, A., Spiteri‐Staines, A., Kaspiew, R., & Horsfall, B. (2019). More present than absent: Men who use domestic violence and their fathering. Child & Family Social Work.

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Online interventions

Hegarty, K., Tarzia, L., Valpied, J., Murray, E., Humphreys. C., Taft, A., Novy, K., Gold, L., Glass, N. (2019) An online healthy relationship tool and safety decision aid for women experiencing intimate partner violence (I-DECIDE): a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Public Health.

Health professionals

McLindon, E., Humphreys, C., Hegarty, K. (2019). Is a clinician’s personal history of domestic violence associated with their clinical care of patients: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Open.

McLindon, E., Humphreys, C., Hegarty, K. (2018) “It happens to clinicians too”: an Australian prevalence study of intimate partner and family violence against health professionals. BMC Women’s Health.

Primary Care Health Settings

Mousaco, S., Tarzia, L., Forsdike, K., Hegarty, K. (2019) 'No one teaches us how to deal with this': General practitioners' experiences of working with men who use violence in relationships. Aust J Gen Pract.

Hegarty, K., Tarzia, L. (2019) Identification and Management of Domestic and Sexual Violence in Primary Care in the #MeToo Era: an Update. Psychiatry in Primary Care.

Srinivasan, S., Marino, J., Hegarty, K., Tarzia, L. (2019) Women's expectations of healthcare providers in the context of reproductive abuse in Australia. Cult Health Sex.

Males Victims of Domestic Abuse

Huntley, A.L., Potter, L., Williamson, E., Malpass, A., Szilassy, E., Feder, G. (2019) Help-seeking by male victims of domestic violence and abuse (DVA): a systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis. BMJ Open .