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MAEVe Events

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Working towards a unified voice and integrated approach to responding to family violence
Connect via Teleconference 2019


6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women

Capetown, 21- 24 October 2019



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Transforming the Health Sector Response to Family Violence, Melbourne, 6 June 2019

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Building culturally safer policy and practice Adelaide, 23 May 2019

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Sustainable Change in the Health Sector
Melbourne, November 2018

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Health and Parenting Forum
Melbourne, June 2018


Monthly seminars

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MAEVe Monthly Seminar - August 20th 2019


The Better Man Project

MAEVe Monthly Seminar - September 30th 2019. More details to come.


PhD showcase

MAEVe Monthly Seminar - October 28th 2019.
More details to come.