Testing Child-Parent Interventions

Projects in Program C


Victorian 9 week program, assessing acceptability & suitability of Family Foundations (U.S.) for Australian families.


An evaluation of a 17-week group program intervention, for men who are fathers and use violence in the home.


Evaluation of a trauma-informed, relationship-focused, mother-child group, 22-week intervention program, designed to meet parenting needs of mothers who have experienced domestic violence.


Piloting an Australian adaptation of The Lieberman Child Parent Psychotherapy model of care (U.S.) to and reconnect mothers and children after violence.


Investigating a model of reparation among university students and domestic violence perpetrators: understanding the psychological underpinnings


Investigating and developing workforce capacity of Child Protection & other services in Australia working with fathers who use family violence.


Safe and Together Addressing ComplexitY (STACY) is about building worker and organisational capacity in working with families at the intersection of domestic & family violence, alcohol & drug, and mental health.

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