Our Governance

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CRE Ambassador

Our Ambassador aims to promote the work of the Safer Families Centre in the broader community within the context of positioning domestic violence and abuse affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as central to our work. 

By providing a community-informed voice, the Ambassador aims to guide our approach to Aboriginal research and promote our safe families objective. As an advocate for addressing domestic violence and abuse in communities, the Centre’s Ambassador specifically champions and is a spokesperson for the Aboriginal focus across our Centre. We are proud to have Dr Mick Adams as our Ambassador.

Dr Mick Adams

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CRE Advisory Group

The group comprises individual experts and champions in the field of domestic and family violence including policy-makers, advocates and women with lived experience of intimate partner violence. The group provides strategic direction for the Centre and monitors its outcomes.  

For information on who our Safer Families Centre Advisory Group members are, please click here.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group

The group comprises a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leaders and change agents working together and across the Centre to ensure our work benefits Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

For more information about who is in our Aboriginal Reference Group, please contact Simone Gleeson.

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Policy and Practice Network

This is a network of those working in, or affected by domestic and family violence and are passionate about helping to make sustainable change in policy and practice. Members collaborate with the Safer Families Centre and each other to exchange knowledge and share expert advice to guide policy and program directions that support early intervention and first line response to domestic violence in the health sector.

This network is also privy to our newsletter.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliated member organisation or individual of the Policy and Practice network, and would like to be on our mailing list, please submit your details via the link below.