Our CRE Advisory Group

Comprising domestic and family violence experts and champions, our advisory group provides strategic direction for the CRE and monitors its outcomes.  


Beth Wilson Chair, Safer Families CRE Advisory Group

Shelley Abazi Community <ember

Mick Adams Safer Families CRE Ambassador

Stephanie Brown  Safer Families CRE Co-Director

Simone Gleeson  Safer Families CRE Manager

Vig Geddes DV Expert - Women

Rachael Green  DV Expert - Policy Advisor

Marg Hamley DV Expert - Children

Melanie Heenan  DV Expert - Policy and Practice

Kelsey Hegarty Safer Families CRE Co-Director

Elizabeth (Libby) Hindmarsh GP Educator

Cathy Humphreys Safer Families CRE Co-Director

Cina Community Member

Angela Taft Safer Families CRE Investigator

Rodney Vlais DV Expert - Men

Amanda Wallace  Community Member