Our Vision

We research and collaborate to transform the health sector response to domestic violence and abuse.

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Our Principles

  • Safety: Our team works to embrace diversity, inclusiveness and cultural safety. Our core value is putting women and children’s safety first. As a team, we are mindful of creating and providing a safe space to speak.

  • Respect: By valuing everyone’s contribution and perspective, we communicate with and acknowledge each other with respect.

  • Inclusiveness: Underpinning our knowledge exchange and decision-making is listening, sharing and gathering a broad range of perspectives from a diversity of personal and experiential backgrounds. Through this exchange, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness.

  • Transparency: Speaking respectfully and truthfully and being open to different perspectives, we ensure our communication and decision-making is transparent.

  • Reciprocity & Equity: Everyone has a right to be heard and a responsibility to listen. Valuing everyone’s contribution and respecting different disciplines and backgrounds equally are our underpinning principles.

  • Collaboration: Our Centre has taken on a collective responsibility to achieve our goals. We are sensitive to ensuring involvement and resolving disengagement, ensuring we work in a team where everyone’s voice is always deemed valuable.

  • Empathy: We aspire to hold everyone’s perspective with generosity, fostering a sensitivity to hearing and seeing the unspoken. We acknowledge individual stories and listen without judgement.

  • Excellence: We strive for scientific quality and integrity.



1. To create knowledge about the dynamics of intimate partner violence and resilience, and how the health sector can best respond.

2. To foster collaboration and knowledge exchange to assist services to identify violence early and tailor effective responses.

3. To support the research workforce by providing opportunities to advance training, knowledge exchange and leadership.

4. To lead sustainable change in early intervention and first line responses to domestic and family violence.