Survivor Stories - Videos

   ***Warning*** Viewing these digital stories may be upsetting or difficult. They may bring up some things for you from your own experience. We suggest trying a grounding exercise which is used by many who have lived experience of trauma to aid connection to the present, to their body and to themselves whenever trauma disconnects them.

Digital stories are first-person, multimedia projects created by people with no professional media experience. They are produced in a workshop setting, with trained staff guiding participants through a process of autobiographical writing, audio recording, selecting music and images, and using a computer to put everything together. If you share an office or are viewing these at home you may choose to use headphones.

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Beneath the Surface


Ten Women who are also Health care professionals, took part in a digital storytelling workshop and shared their stories about Family Violence. The women found the process challenging, but ultimately positive. It made them feel listened to and valued. For some, it helped to transform the pain into something creative and aided their journey towards recovery.


These videos can be used to accompany face to face family violence training for clinical staff or managers within publically funded health services.  If you intend to use these digital stories for anything other than this purpose (outside of the health care training environment, awareness raising public activities and implementation presentations etc..) we request that you contact Safer Families Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Melbourne to seek permission.



Beyond Silence



The WITH study

Women’s Input into a Trauma-informed systems model of care in Health settings