Projects in Program A

1.  Trajectories of mothers and children exposed to intimate partner violence. 

A longitudinal study looking at the impact of intimate partner violence on women and children to inform tailored responses. We are drawing on data collected in the Maternal Health Study


2.  Clustering of risk and vulnerability: implications for child.

A project assessing the trajectories of women and children exposed to intimate partner violence who also experience other kinds of trauma and social adversity. The project draws on data collected in three NHMRC funded studies: Maternal Health StudyChildhood Resilience Study and Aboriginal Families Study.


3.  Understanding the dynamics of men’s use of violence in relationships.

A longitudinal study looking at a cohort of 16,000 men and boys aged 10-55 years. Data is being drawn from the Ten to Men Study


4 Identifying and responding to IPV in maternity and early postnatal and primary care. 

A study drawing on data from longitudinal cohort studies and completed intervention studies to provide comparative historical and baseline measures documenting health service use by women and children exposed to intimate partner violence.


5.  Early identification: is fear of partner an effective question to identify IPV?

Evaluating two item measures that ask about 'fear of partner' against a comprehensive measure of intimate partner violence, the Composite Abuse Scale.