Shawana Andrews


Shawana Andrews has a clinical background in social work and public health and has worked in Aboriginal health for 18 years, 13 years of which was in paediatric health. Her experience includes project management, program development, teaching, research, community development and clinical practice.
Shawana currently works as Lecturer in Indigenous Health in the School of Health Sciences and is Associate Dean (Indigenous Development) for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Shawana is also currently a Chief Investigator on the Aboriginal Fathering Project strand of a 3 year ARC project, Fathering Challenges which is examining the experiences of parenting in the context of family violence. Shawana is an Associate Investigator for the Safer Families CRE.

Shawana is currently a PhD candidate and her research is titled Cloaked in Strength - Understanding Aboriginal women’s perspectives and experiences of family violence using cultural practice as a methodological approach.