Our Focus

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What we focus on

Leading sustainable change in health for early intervention to intimate partner violence is at the core of our work.

Our work in health includes development of first line response tools for improved identification and management strategies for health practitioners and to facilitate referral to appropriate services.

Development of technological tools for use by individuals to self-manage and access services, is also in our focus.

Who we focus on

With respect for the diversity of Australian families, our work centres on early intervention in health with children, young people and their parents, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and men who use violence in their relationships. In all our activities we put women and children’s safety first.

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How we do it

We create new knowledge to build capability for sustainable change in policy and practice.

This is achieved through high quality research, collaborative partnership, workforce development, knowledge translation and exchange and research implementation. 

Below is a diagram of the core domains we operate within.