Safer Families invites you to participate in a special storytelling event at the IDVH Conference.


Where six people have six minutes to tell a true story about their lives…

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The word is made up of stories: ordinary stories that delight, entertain and educate; extraordinary stories that make us laugh, think, hope and cry. Stories are the raw material from which we shape our lives.

SixBySix is an event created for the Safer Families IDVH 2018 conference. The concept has emerged from the Tenx9, a monthly story telling event held in Northcote, Melbourne. It is premised on the belief that there is no such thing as a dull story. After hundreds of stories over the last 18 months, this premise is yet to be proven wrong.

At the IDVH 2018 Conference, SixBySix will be held at the ‘Continue the Conversation’ social dinner on Wednesday November 21, where six people from the conference will have six minutes to tell a true story about their lives.

The theme of SixBySix is ‘Beyond’, and we would love you to get up and tell your story that depicts what ‘Beyond’ means to you…It might be funny, whimsical, nostalgic, angry…It does not have to be about domestic violence, as we are looking to hear all kinds of stories - all that matters is that it’s your story, and that it’s true.



To tell your story, please submit your details in the form below. Please note: We only have a limited number of places. To seek more information about this event, please contact Cheryl and Carlynne on email at:

They are happy to direct you towards some resources for helping to tell your story and they will of course help to guide you on the set up for the evening.

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