A cluster randomised controlled trial of a whole of general practice intervention to prevent and reduce domestic violence among migrant and refugee communities


Project Leads

Angela Taft

Bijaya Pokharel

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What’s this project about?

Australia benefits from migrant populations, but migrant women in diaspora communities are very vulnerable to family violence and rates of victimisation and murder are similar to those in home countries. 

Harmony is a cluster randomised controlled trial that aims to test the feasibility and effectiveness of a whole-of GP clinic intervention to improve the capacity of primary care clinicians (GPs, nurses and others) to enquire about family violence, provide first line support, and offer confidential referral to biligual caseworker support for culturally diverse women patients.

Harmony is funded by an NHMRC Partnership grant with support from federal and state governments and in collaboration with In Touch Multicultural agency against family violence.

Adapted from the UK model, IRIS (Feder 2006), and also with lessons from the Weave and Mosaic trials, Harmony is being trialled in 28 general practice sites in regions of high South Asian immigrant population in Melbourne's north west and south east suburbs. This study has potential to improve GP response to family violence among migrant and refugee communities. 

Link to more info on Harmony here

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