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Important information:

Please note that content from all four streams will be spread across the two days, however the keynote plenary sessions for Stream 1 and 2 will be on Day One and the keynote plenary sessions for Stream 3 and 4 will be on Day Two.

All presenters who have been accepted for either an 'Oral' or 'Rapid Exchange' will be presenting on Day One, regardless of which stream they fall under. 


Program themes

  • Stream 1: Early intervention in the health sector for the whole family

Health system change and technological pathways for early identification and first line responses to domestic violence.  

  • Stream 2: Dynamics and complexity of abuse and resilience

Using longitudinal studies and voices of survivors to tailor responses for women and children from all backgrounds.

  • Stream 3: Culture, kinship and connection: strong and safe families

Drawing on the voices and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and other peoples of First Nations to develop, tailor and evaluate effective responses to family violence.

  • Stream 4: Pathways for listening and responding to children, young people and their families 

Pathways for practitioners to respond and refer children, mothers, fathers and carers to models in family services.