PhD Scholarship opportunities

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD
Promoting Safer Families Scholarship

The Safer Families Centre and The University of Melbourne are offering a full-time PhD scholarship to an eligible graduate research student in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and family violence. The position is based at the University of Melbourne and can commence in late 2019 or early 2020.

 To be considered for this scholarship, the student must:

  • be an Indigenous Australian citizen

  • have a research background in qualitative social and/or health research, or quantitative social sciences or biostatistics.

  • satisfy the Faculty’s entry requirements for PhD.

The successful candidate will receive an RTP of approx. $30,000 tax free per year for the length of the PhD (Fulltime) plus a top up of $20,000 tax fee in their first year in the Safer Families PhD position with further top-up funding up to 3.5 years to be determined.

Expressions of Interest can be submitted online to the Safer Families Centre by midnight 11 Oct 2019.

Please note that, if your Expression of Interest is successful, you will then need to also submit an application for a University of Melbourne Graduate Research Degree and Scholarship which is subject to final approval.

We encourage those interested to talk with us prior to submitting an Expression of Interest.

More information is available at  University of Melbourne Scholarships



For expression of interest enquiry please contact Simone Gleeson
Manager, Safer Families Centre
03 9035 4890

For research project enquiry please contact
Kelsey Hegarty 
Co-Director, Safer Families Centre; Professor Centre for Family Violence Prevention, The Royal Women’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne  

For University support for Indigenous research students please contact 
Warwick Padgham
Manager Indigenous Student Programs
Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health