Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Promoting Safer Families Scholarship

Hello and welcome to the Safer Families Centre.

Please take a look at our website to familiarise yourself with our team and our work.

We are offering an eligible Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander graduate research student a PhD position with our Safer Families team. We welcome discussions with us prior to completing the Expression of Interest steps below. Expressions of interest will be reviewed as received so please submit as soon as possible and by 6 December at the latest.

Please note that, if your expression of interest is successful, you will then need to also to submit an application for a University of Melbourne Graduate Research Degree and Scholarship which is subject to final approval. The scholarship benefit for the successful candidate is approx. $50,000 tax free for the first year (Fulltime) with a base amount of at least $30,000 tax free for subsequent years of the PhD plus a stipend top-up to be confirmed.

We look forward to talking with you.

The Safer Families Team



  1. Submit your details by completing the Expression of Interest form and clicking the SUBMIT button.

  2. Email your Project Proposal and other documents to the Safer Families email address shown.

  3. Both steps must be competed by midnight 6 Dec 2019.


Have a question?

Expression of Interest enquiry: Simone Gleeson

Research project enquiry: Kelsey Hegarty

University support for Indigenous research students: Warwick Padgham



Step 1: Submit your details


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What is the focus of your research?
Follow the instructions in STEP 2 to email your: a) research project proposal, b) your CV c) your academic transcripts and d) your academic references to Safer Families by midnight 11 Oct 2019.

Step 2: Email your Project Proposal and other documents


Please write a research project proposal in Word or PDF format that includes:

1. Introduction

2. Context and Rationale

3. Research Question(s)

4. Research Methods

5. Expected Outcomes/ Impact

6. Conclusion

7. Bibliography


Please send your proposal along with a copy of each of the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Academic transcripts

  • At least two academic references


  • All documents must be received in Word or PDF as attachments to an email.

  • The proposal must not exceed 500 words (excluding the title and bibliography).

  • All abbreviations must be spelled out on first use.

  • All documents must be received by midnight 11 Oct 2019.

  • To email your documents click on this link to send: