Laura Conway.jpg

Dr Laura Conway

BA (Hons) Psychology, PhD

Laura Conway joined the Safer Families CRE as a program scholar in November 2017. Laura is an early career researcher in the Intergenerational Health Group at MCRI.

Laura uses longitudinal cohort data including the Maternal Health Study to understand how exposure to social adversities early in life impacts child development. Laura is particularly interested in the impact of family violence on children’s language development, mental health, and educational attainment.

In 2018, Laura received her PhD from the University of Melbourne. Prior to this, Laura coordinated a prospective study of child language development, the Early Language in Victoria Study, and was a member of the CRE in Child Language. Before joining MCRI in 2007, Laura worked in a range of health research settings in Australia and the UK conducting longitudinal, population-level and ad hoc research projects.