Wellbeing Program

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The IDVH 2018 program offers delegates a number of opportunities to practice self-care and wellness such as yoga, singing and massage. All wellbeing sessions are free with no need to pre-book.


Nurturing Space

Located on level 17 of the RACV City Club just outside the main plenary room, our ‘nurturing space’ will act as a small sanctuary for delegates to drop in to for some down time at any point over the conference.

Soothing music will be playing, but there will also be an option to turn this off, if preferred.

Each day at around 3 pm in this space, the Kundalini house staff will also offer a singing bowl meditation for those who would like to participate.

Please note The Nurturing Space, and therefore the singing bowl session, will only be able to accommodate up to 12 people at a time.



10-15 min yoga sessions will be available to interested delegates in the Plenary on level 17 during the wellbeing break at around 3pm on both days.

Yogic techniques and self-enquiry will be done in a seated position. Sessions aim to help the individual feel more grounded and connected by focusing on a re connection to inner strength and resiliency .


Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditative, mindfulness and reflective practices will be incorporated throughout the conference at various moments during the plenary sessions to help break up the format and aim to help delegates to relax, re connect and check into their mind and body.


Singing bowl meditation

Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation, and are known to be a quintessential aid for entering meditation.

Located in our Nurturing Space on level 17, Kundalini house staff will host a singing bowl meditation during the wellbeing break at around 3pm on both days. Sessions are only able to accommodate up to 10 people at a time.


Self-care booth

The Kundalini House will have a booth over the course of the conference in the Club Pavilion on Level 2.

Trauma-informed health professionals will be available to provide information, resources and support for wellbeing and self-care, such as a a ‘crisis’ kit and settling techniques to feel grounded.

Warm woollen shawls and calming remedies will also be available for people to purchase.



Short massage sessions for delegates will be available for free in the Club Pavilion on Level 2 between the hours of

10.45 am - 5.00 pm Tuesday and

10.00 am - 4.30 pm Wednesday

Two massage therapists from the Kundalini House will offer 10 minute neck and shoulder massages using a specialised seat for your comfort and ease.

Delegates wanting a massage are asked to write their name down on the sheet available in the Pavilion which will function as a queue.



A session for people to sing together will be coordinated by the Kundalini House at lunch time on Tuesday in Bayside Room 4a on Level 2 of the RACV City Club.


Spoken Word Corner

Delegates wishing to join a poetry and spoken word workshop can meet at lunch time om Wednesday in Bayside Room 4a on Level 2 of the RACV City Club. It will run from approx 12.15pm - 12.40pm.


The team of trauma-informed health professionals from Kundalini House have decades of experience between them and are delighted to be able to host the IDVH 2018 Wellbeing program to provide a safe space for conference participants to feel the support they need to look after themselves.