The Six Pillars of Thriving  

Understanding your backstory

This session runs for 20 mins and is being led by Bron Williams.

In this session, Bron will share with you the 'Six Pillars of Thriving', the foundation stones she found effective as she rebuilt her life after leaving a domestic abuse environment. 

Session one: Tuesday 20 November, 3.05 pm - 3.25 pm

Session repeated: Wednesday 21 November, 2.50 pm - 3.10 pm   

Location: Bayside Room 5


  • RELEASE from the confines of past experiences and expectations, and into a new life.

  • Living a FULFILLED life, whatever shape that takes for you.

  • Trusting your INTUITIVE GENIUS, knowing you have everything within you to succeed.

  • COLLABORATING with others, producing powerful innovative work that impacts others.

  • CELEBRATING all of who you are - strong and vulnerable and beautiful.

  • TRANSFORMED, allowing the slow process of change to engulf you and make you new.

Each attendee will receive introductory material on The Six Pillars of Thriving, plus a free 30-minute coaching session with Bron (delivered via phone or Zoom).


This session is being run by Bron Williams, Backstory which is a business independent of Safer Families CRE and IDVH 2018.