Resources for Health Professionals 

The following resources are available to help health professionals working with those affected by family violence.

These resources  are external to the Safer Families CRE but we encourage and support the use of these resources. The Safer Families CRE is currently developing new resources to add to this section.

For use by the Health Sector, Child and Family Services and General Practice

  • RACGP White Book:  Manual offering health practitioners evidence-based guidance on appropriate identification and response to patients experiencing abuse and violence. 
  • 1800 RESPECT: A National counselling service, which includes a tab for professionals.  
  • AMA manual:  Information on specialist support services, including health, mental health, drug and alcohol, legal, family support and child protection services. 
  • AMA video:  Includes strategies for helping women to disclose, developing a safety plan, legal support and referral.
  • Futures Without Violence: Resource section of this website providing access to a broad range of resources for health professionals. 
  • Hidden Victors: Awareness video about the effects of family violence on children and young people.
  • Strengthening health systems to respond to women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence: A World Health Organisation manual for health managers.

  • Vega Project: A Public Health Response to Family Violence.

  • INWPCP: Identifying and Responding to Family Violence - Managers' Training Package.

  • AIHW: Latest reports and statistics on domestic violence.