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Transforming the Health Sector Response to Family Violence Forum, June 6

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Jointly presented by Department of Health and Human Services, Family Safety Victoria, Safer Families Centre and MAEVe

The aim of this event was to engage those with a common interest in addressing family violence in the health sector to come together in a coordinated effort to transform the health sector response.



Nadine Wathen
University of Western Ontario

Kelsey Hegarty
Safer Families Centre

Liana Buchanan
Commissioner for Children & Young People

Rachael Green
Family Safety Victoria

Anita Morris
Family Safety Victoria

Amanda Wallace
WEAVERS (lived experience panel)

Leesa Hooker
La Trobe University

Jenny Chapman
The Women’s

Natasha Anderson
Victim Survivor Advisory Council

Joan Kennedy
Maternal and Child Health and Parenting


Program overview

Keynote Prof Nadine Wathen presented relevant lessons learned from the VEGA project.

Latest information on the Victorian family violence reform in health was also be provided by FSV and DHHS staff and Kelsey Hegarty.

The forum had two interactive panels exploring an integrated health system response to family violence for all members of the family, including how to respond to children. These discussions were led by Kelsey Hegarty and Anita Morris. Panel presenters included policy makers, survivors, and practitioners.

The focus of the event was knowledge translation for early intervention of family violence.


Forum Program


Master slides

Family Safety Victoria

Nadine Wathen’s presentations: See below

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Nadine Wathen’s presentations

Family Violence Health Forum
Thursday 6th June

Power Point slides:
Finding Common Ground: Family Violence Education Across Disciplines

Video recording:

MAEVe Seminar
Wednesday 5th June

Power Point slides:
Mobilising Knowledge for Wicked Problems: Lessons Learned from Gender-Based Violence Research

Video recording:

Part 1 (video length 30:12)

Part 2 (video length 22:25)