Break-out session: 

Wednesday 21 November

3.15 pm - 4.15 pm              

Stream one: Early intervention in the health sector for the whole family

Innovative demonstration and discussion: Technological pathways

Chair: Nancy Glass Johns Hopkins University

Laura Tarzia - University of Melbourne  Technology-facilitated pathways to safety and healing: Global perspectives

Mohajer Hameed - University of Melbourne  Better Man - Online early intervention tool for engaging men who use violence to seek help  

Anita Morris - University of Melbourne  My Safety: Scoping On-line Safety and Communication Tools for Children

Monica Hadges - University of Melbourne, and  Juliet  Summers - Monash Health  Using Technology for Sexual Assault Response in Australia

Emma Koster - Good Hood  Hello Cass - an easier way to talk about violence

Liz Ratcliffe - Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria,  Lessons learnt: developing an innovative tech family violence resource

Pip Robertson - Infoxchange  The New Frontier - Leveraging technology to address family violence