Break-out session: 

Tuesday 20 November

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm              

Stream 1: Early intervention in the health sector for the whole family

Paper presentations: Hospital response to family violence

Chair: Lena Sanci

  • Rosemaria Flaherty - Northern NSW Local Health District The Power of eMR Alerts for Sharing Information

  • Samantha Clavant - The Women's Lessons for social workers in providing crisis care to victim/survivors of sexual assault

  • Elizabeth McLindon - University Of Melbourne The survivor nurse: Implications for health professionals and their workplace

  • Ann Hunt - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Improving domestic violence capture in national hospitals data

  • Simone Meade - Ballarat Health Services Community of Practice Supporting Health Sector Responses to Family Violence

  • Carol O'Dwyer - University Of Melbourne A Gender Sensitive Approach in Psychiatric Inpatient Units

  • Caroline Fisher - Melbourne Health Assisting Patients/Clients Experiencing Family Violence: A Hospital Wide Staff Survey

  • Vijeta Venkataraman - ACT Health Approaches of Emergency Nurses in Caring for Victims of IPV

  • Anne Ingram and Assunta Morrone - Western Health Finding safe spaces in a busy public hospital

  • Kellie Muir - Alfred Health An electronic interdisciplinary care plan to enhance safety for victim/survivors

  • Louisa Whitwam - Peninsula Health Quantifying Health Social Work Assessment of Risk in Family Violence