Break-out session: 

Wednesday 21 November

10.30 am - 12.00 pm              

Stream 1: Early intervention in the health sector for the whole family

Symposium: Sustaining screening for Domestic Violence in health care

Chair: Claudia Garcia-Moreno World Health Organization

  • Jo Spangaro - University Of New South Wales   Emergency Department intimate partner violence screening:  A multi-site feasibility study

  • Kelsey Hegarty - University of Melbourne Do you feel safe?" Views on screening for DV in pregnancy

  • Alexandra Miller - St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney  DVIAF: A brief structured psychosocial assessment and intervention tool

  • Rebecca O'Reilly - School Of Nursing And Midwifery, Western Sydney University  Domestic Violence Screening Practices: Qualitative Insights of Primary Health Care Providers

  • Thomas Torpie - Queensland Health  Domestic Violence Screening in the Emergency Department

  • Marcos Signorelli - Federal University Of Parana Asking about 'fear of partner' in measuring intimate partner abuse

  • Jeannette Walsh - University Of New South Wales  Antenatal screening for domestic violence: women's health and support needs