Prof Angela Taft

BA, Dip Ed, MPH, PhD

Angela Taft is Professor and Director at the Judith Lumley Centre (JLC), La Trobe University, Australia and an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne. She is a social scientist using rigorous combinations of qualitative and epidemiological methods to answer urgent and complex questions about women’s health.

Over the last thirteen years, Angela has led a major competitively funded program of research at JLC on intimate partner gender-based violence. This has included analysing the health impact of partner violence over time in the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health, Cochrane systematic reviews and randomised trials of IPV interventions in general practice and maternal and child health nursing.

Angela conducts studies to prevent unwanted pregnancies and prevent abortion, including those evaluating emergency contraception, long-acting reversible contraception and medical abortion options for women whose contraception fails.

Angela's interests include studies to improve women's health and reduction of violence in migrant and refugee communities and in the Asia-Pacific, especially in Timor-Leste. Her research interests include intimate partner violence, sexual and reproductive health, and cultural diversity and violence.